Protester Embarrassed At Tea Party

Springfield—Louie Higgs attended a political rally on Tuesday dressed as Mr. T, horribly mistaking the intent of the gathering.

Higgs came decked with several gold chains, a fresh mo-hawk, gold rings and a sign that read “I pity the fool who don’t love the USA”. Immediately upon arrival he felt that something was amiss. Higgs tried to spark conversation with other rally attendees asking if Murdock could ever out-smart Face, a reference to the 1983 television show, “The A-Team” starring Mr. T as B. A. Baracas.

Tea Party member Timothy Dimmons said, “This complete moron showed up and started talking about some leader named Hannibal and he loves it when a ‘plan comes together’ and how he would never represent without taxing some bad guys. Who the hell is Hannibal?”

When Dimmons asked whom Higgs predicted would save the economy, Higgs reportedly said, “my prediction? Pain!” then punched Dimmons in the arm. Clearly Higgs was channeling the Rocky III character Clubber Lang portrayed by Mr. T.

Most “tea party” attendees are critics of President Barack Obama and wanted to mark national tax day with a protest that Republicans call the birth of a grassroots opposition, one that Democrats dismiss as a fraud and sad reference to the 1776 Boston tea party.

When Higgs was informed of the true intent of the rally he said, “Oh, well y’know Mr. T is a modern day patriot who believes our government has no accountability, no responsibility and we gotta take our government back…let our representatives know that they need to change or retire or we’ll retire them in the next election!” then added, “I believe in the Golden Rule, the man with the gold…rules.”

Protests were held in 100 cities across the country Wednesday. Higgs was the only person who admitted to mistaking the political activity with an 80’s pop culture icon.

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  1. aford says:

    Fuhreaking love it… initially I thought it was a tea bag party, and that was confusing