Buckingham’s “Catch the Swine Fever” Campaign Cancelled Due to Poor Timing

Buckingham’s new print and television campaign titled “Catch the Swine Fever” has been cancelled today due to the outbreak of Swine Flu that is plaguing Mexico, Asia, and parts of the United States.

The campaign with the mottos: “Catch The Swine Fever”, “Swine Fever Will Getcha”, “Swine Fever…Catch It”, “Food So Good You Won’t Want To Wash Your Hands Afterwards” was to be featured in various print, television and outdoor advertising.

“This is a huge disappointment,” states Buck Hams, president of the franchise Bar-B-Que giant. “When we created the ads we would never expect an outbreak of a swine flu. We thought pigs were a healthy species. They are all so clean and hygienic.”

The ads, which have been pulled out of all major venues, also had pictures that would now be seen insensitive in the light of the outbreak. One such picture is a pig wearing a surgical mask covering his face. “We thought Dr. Pig would be a great mascot for our new campaign. Fever, doctor. Get it? Anyways now it is just a cruel reminder of the flu,” said Larry Stomps, an advertiser that worked on the campaign.

Another ad that is featured on a Texas billboard has a picture of various seemingly dead bodies of all ages on a grassy knoll with the slogan “Swine Fever Will Getcha”

“It is people taking a nap after a Bar-B-Que,” Stomps angrily clarifies. “Everyone is sleeping because they had good food. We wanted an atmosphere of…never mind.” The billboard, with its sister billboard having the slogan “Swine Fever: It Will Kill You”, have been taking down.

“It is suppose to say kill your hunger…your hunger. It is a mistake,” states Buck Hams. Although the ads have been pulled in America, they are still featured in Mexico because no one is brave enough to go down there to change it.

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  1. Devil Hawk says:

    Don’t worry! I am starting my own campaign to rebrand this horrifying outbreak as Swan Flu. Swan Flu… Swans are so beautiful, who would mind getting such a flu? Imagine a flu that would make you more graceful, elegant, and cause those infected to have ugly children who will eventually become attractive later on in life causing them to develop a personality and not just rely on looks. So far, base on information from our focus groups, we are expecting a favorable outcome. Pigs will be able to return to the level of acceptance and stature they once had.