McCaskill To Be Burned At The Stake

Springfield MO- Claire McCaskill, a Democratic senator representing Missouri, is set to be burned at the stake in her next scheduled town hall meeting. The town hall meeting will be held at Missouri State University in Strong Hall room 100 and all are welcomed to attend.

After initial questioning, mostly focusing on President Obama‘s health care plans, McCaskill will be placed in wrought iron shackles and set upon a donkey drawn cart. From there she will be tied to a stake on the North Lawn of campus. The kinling will then be set ablaze for numerous attendees to see.

“We want to make this abundantly clear,” stated Roger Cormack event head, “We are not burning her as a witch. This has nothing to do religion. Numerous Senators and government officials have been screamed at during town hall meetings all over this country and nothing has changed. We thought we needed to kick it up a notch to let them know we are serious.”

When asked if this was a grass roots movement, or organized by a right wing movement Cormack answered, “Grassroots, hay, sticks, anything we can get our hands on that is flammable.”

Obama is not concerned with the burning. “Listen. This plan is good for America. And if Americans don’t like it, tough.” The senator is not available for comment and being held in the stocks in a jail circa 1720, with rusted bars, a single sleeping guard, and a dog with a ring of keys in his mouth.

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    i oppose that son of a you know what health care and that claire mccaskill will never get my vote again.

    PALIN 2012