Heer’s and Gillioz Buildings Sent to Remedial Spelling Classes

Heers & Gillioz buildings agree to spell check each others signage after classes

Heers & Gillioz buildings agree to spell check each others signage after classes

Springfield, MO—“It’s time we did something about it,” says Springfield Mayor Jim O’Neal. “We can’t continue to have these two institutions of Springfield telling children that you can get by without an education.” Beginning October 14th the Heer’s Building and Gillioz Theatre will attend Remedial Spelling and Society at nearby Bryan College. The six-week course will focus on spelling fundamentals.

Springfield resident, Gloria Homeford is optimistic, “This will remove a black eye from our community. We have a real focus on education in Springfield and it’s time the big guys follow along. Bryan College is an excellent school, that’s why I am a medical assistant today.”

The two building were built near the turn of the century and have been anchors for the downtown area since they were built. The Convention and Visitor’s Bureau thinks it is the right move for the city. “It can be tough to tell older folks that they need to change,” says Louise Werner. “But, now we will hopefully be able to attract more literate tourists to the city.”
Heer’s and Gillioz released a joint statement today. “We are humbld buy this xprience. We wyll glaadly atend the claysses. Wii welkum anee ooppoortunity to beddar areselves. Sprynfyeld kan b azz ured that wii wll take thiis seariuslee. Heer’s has bin leting himselv go 4 a lngtyme. It haas ben a lonely tyme 4 him. After thys he hoopes to haf ppl live in him. Thank Yo.”

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  1. Allen Marsh says:

    Finally, someone besides me is wondering why Gillioz isn’t pronounced that way!

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