Dam Engineers Skipping Rocks

Engineers skip stones off Table Rock Lake Dam in free time

Engineers skip stones off Table Rock Lake Dam in free time

Branson, MO— Excess water continues to roar through spillway gates at Table Rock Dam, creating a rare opportunity for engineers to blow off some steam by skipping rocks off the vast overflow going through the dam gates.

“I tossed one stone into the top of the gate and it hopped 4 times before splashing down into the pool below,” said one unnamed engineer. Richard Gubby holds the stone skipping record with 6 skips before hitting the bottom of the waterfall.

“You gotta fling it right at the crest of the plume as it exits the gate, then put enough backspin on the stone for it to turn back into the fall as the velocity carries the projectile into the next series of cascading water,” said Gubby, “It is a simple formula I worked up over lunch yesterday.”

Several spectators have gathered at Table Rock Lake Dam to watch the overspill, however, none expected to see the Army Corp of Engineers holding an impromptu rock skipping competition. “Are they allowed to do that?” asked one observer. “One stone was lofted and landed right next to my car” said another.

Most observers cheered for the rock tossers, finding some enjoyment in the activity. “I think it comes down to basic human interest,” said Gubby. “If you were presented with a chance to skip a rock down a hundreds-of-foot tall waterfall, what would you do?” he asked.

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