City of Springfield Lights Tree, Makes Wish List

Springfield's Christmas tree could use some fluffing

Springfield's Christmas tree could use some fluffing

Springfield, MO—Saturday night the City of Springfield gathered her closest friends, circled around  the ol’ Christmas tree and lit her ablaze officially welcoming in the holiday season.

Several dignitaries attended and scribbled their individual Santa Claus requests upon a scroll located at a large table. Mayor Jim O’Neal said all he wanted for Christmas was his sales tax revenue. Fire and Police Chiefs wrote Santa asking for addition funding for their combined pension fund.

MODOT officials have requested more construction bids to repave every Ozarkers driveway. Health officials hope to receive more H1N1 vaccinations in their stocking. The downtown officials are asking Santa baby to HUD provides loan money to renovate the Heers building.

Springfield residents voiced their wants as well by asking the great elf for another tower to complete the Plaza Towers conquest for multiple structures, free parking for the Christmas tree lighting ceremony and a stop light reduction campaign to remove 3,000 of the 10,000 existing traffic lights in the city.

Event organizers are hoping they receive more funds next year to purchase a respectable Christmas tree to light.

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