Woman Can’t Tell Difference Between Dora, Kai-Lan

Kai-Lan/Dora confusion brings shoppers to a stand still

Kai-Lan/Dora confusion brings shoppers to a stand still

Springfield, MO—Local grandmother Ellen Younger frustrated last minute shoppers as she blocked an isle at the Walmart Independence location trying to decipher if the toy she was holding was Dora or Kai-Lan.

“Now this must be Dora,” she said holding a Kai-Lan doll. Her shopping partner Nola Rigsby concurred, then retracted her judgment saying, “well, yes that’s Dora. No, I don’t know who that is.”

Stooping over her cart, Younger moved forward two inches, picked up another Kai-Lan doll and said, “oh here’s Dora.” “Well yes, that’s no that’s not her either” said Rigsby frowning.

Shoppers trying to pass down the isle blocked by Younger and Rigsby painfully listened to the tedious conversation unsure whether or not to speak up and direct the clueless duo to the Dora section or allow them to figure it out themselves.

“For the love of licensed characters, just pick one,” said Drew Tillsdim under his breath. Tillsdim’s wife promptly gave him an elbow to mind his manners. Tillsdim said he could swiftly and quickly end Younger and Rigsby’s confusion by trampling them both with his shopping cart, which earned him another mindful elbow from his wife.

After several minutes of picking up Kai-Lan dolls, Younger finally selected a Dora doll and Rigsby identified it as “another one of those Kay-lane thingys” at which point Tillsdim violently shook his shopping cart from side to side in agony.

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