John Q de Hotelier Statue Announced

A beam of sunshine illuminates the penthouse located in the head of the statue

A beam of sunshine illuminates the penthouse located in the head of the statue

Branson, MO—New statue plans were announced today to honor James Quentin Hammons, the holiest of hoteliers. Known as an American businessman and one of the nation’s premier developers of upscale luxury hotels and resorts, “John Q”, has conveyed a message of representing the general public and progress in Springfield, Missouri and beyond.

Overlooking Table Rock Lake, John Q de Hotelier will be one of the tallest of its kind in the world. The statue will stand 39.6 meters (130 ft) tall, including the 9.5 meter (31 ft) pedestal, and 30 meters (98 ft) wide. It is estimated to weigh 635 tons upon completion, and will be located near the Chateau on the Lake Resort and Conference Center in Branson, Missouri.

With over 50 years of experience in the hotel industry, John Q. Hammons has built and developed nearly two hundred hotels. A special penthouse room will be available to guests within the statue; several dignitaries, politicians and celebrities have already placed reservations. “I can’t wait to see the world from John’s eyes. Literally, peer over the water through his statue ocular cavities as I lay on my eco-friendly  king-sized bed, “ said Springfield native and penthouse reservation holder Brad Pitt.

Local engineer Heitor da Silva Costa will design the statue and it will be sculpted by French sculptor Paul Landowski. Construction will consist of reinforced concrete and soapstone and will be completed within nine years to meet a dedication ceremony in June 2019.

Once completed, John Q de Hotelier will be added to the Seven Wonders of Springfield, Missouri, which includes such ancient structures as Springhenge.

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  1. Freda Sue Allison says:

    I initially thought this to be a “funny”…is it?

  2. says:

    Hi Freda, we are a satire publication so, yes it is a “funny”. Have a nice day.