Douchebag Sign Warns Residents Of Douchebaggery

Douchebags invade eastern Greene County

Douchebags invade eastern Greene County

Oak Grove Heights, MO—A blinking highway sign in eastern Greene County is catching the attention of drivers. It’s not about road conditions, but a warning that douchebags are on the rise in the area. The sign reads “Sheriff’s Douchebag Alert, Please lock your doors.”  It’s sparking a lot of talk, and a lot of d-bag queries.
The new roadside sign sits on the edge of a small community and it’s at the center of local conversation. The Greene County Sheriff wants it to spark even more talk. “Basically it’s a way for us to notify people that douchebags are in our community,” says Sheriff Jim Arnott.

“Oh gosh, that’s less than a mile away,” says Jillian Grover, who lives in the area. For some people, the sign may be their first clue of increased douchebags in the area, but others have already been alerted. “I heard probably 2 or 3 weeks ago from a friend who lives up the hill on Panther Creek, and she mentioned that her neighbor had been a douchebag,” says Grover.

“We put up a sheriff’s douchebag alert, and basically, if residents have any questions about the douchebag alert, they can contact the sheriff’s office or go to our website,” says Arnott. Douchebags, or “shower pockets” seem to be targeting the rural setting. Arnott says d-bags are stealing anything from guns to televisions to lawnmowers, farm equipment and engaging in total douchebaggery.

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  1. jake says:

    this is too funny…i used to work at a business (now closed) and am not suprised by this