New Texting Lane Opens On 65 HWY

Texts are sent to drivers as they approach the new texting lane

Greene County, MO— Driving south on highway 65 became easier over the weekend as the Missouri Department of Transportation opened the countries first 12 miles of the new texting lane from Interstate 44 in Springfield to Highway CC in Ozark. The controversial new stretch of road was opened at midnight on Sunday to avoid excessive attention from protesting groups.

The texting-while-driving-lane was approved by voters in last fall’s election and support groups claim the new lane will make driving safer for those who refrain from using their mobile devices while operating a motor vehicle.

“This lane will help relieve congestion on one of the Ozark’s busiest stretches of highway: I-44 from Springfield southward,” said Mayor Jim O’Neal. “I am pleased that construction is ahead of schedule so we can bring drivers a better trip sooner. Plus we were getting tired of the diverging diamonds and wanted to come up with another first in road construction design”

New signage directs drivers to the upcoming change in traffic. For those drivers who are already texting but not quite to the texting lane, a special mobile message is sent to all mobile devices as drivers pass by the sign.

“As I was driving down the road, I was texting my friend about the new shoes I was gonna buy once I got paid at the end of the week when this message appeared that I was about to enter the texting-while-driving lane. It was so cool that I almost ran off the road with excitement. I had totally passed the sign and wouldn’t have noticed the road change had I not had a mobile alert on my phone,” said Sasah Hummering. Not all are as impressed.

“Man I was driving down the road and got this text about a texting lane for safety. I grabbed my phone, then crashed trying to read the text!” said Herb Newsome.

O’Neil says bumpers will soon be added to the lanes for pin-balling cars in the right direction and added, “traffic on the 65 corridor definitely got better once the new texting lane opened. Congestion has been reduced and texting and
driving time will be improved for thousands of people every day.”

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