Naked Billboard Arouses Bachelor’s Interest

Education temptress increases enrollment

Springfield, MO – In the school’s latest effort to drive undergraduate enrollment, Ozarks Technical College launched a new outdoor ad campaign that’s exposing Springfield to the desirability of higher education.

Featuring a female co-ed whose lady bumps are obscured only by the thin shield of her laptop, the billboards have been turning heads and dropping jaws all around town. Yesterday, traffic on south Glenstone was backed up for three hours when Kickapoo sophomore Chase Wernex swore he “saw a nip.”

“We are a technical college, and technically, she’s not naked,” says Quinn Talent of OTC’s Student Recruitment office. “But people will see what they want to see, and without exception, that means nudity.”

A classic go-to tactic among advertising professionals, implied nudity ranks just behind talking babies, talking animals, and crotch accidents for audience likeability. Advertising Executive Stew Danners defended his agency’s work by saying, “Today’s degree-seeking candidate is looking for more out of their college experience. Our ads merely demonstrate that OTC has the student body people want to see in a student body.”

The campaign precedes the launch of the college’s new tagline, “Get Your Mind Out of the Gutter,” which will debut at the grand opening of the new women’s dorm, conveniently located next to Kum & Go.

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  1. Katie Day says:

    “We are a technical college, and technically, she’s not naked.”