Local Couple Gets Married in Order to Have Sex


Young couple ties the knot so they can do it

Springfield (MO) – Jordan Darrow and Cassidy Nash (now Darrow) were married last Saturday in a beautiful ceremony, in Springfield, MO. When asked how the couple knew it was time to “tie the knot,” Darrow (age 20) and his new bride (age 19) agreed: it was time that they finally had sex with each other.

“We’ve been dating for nearly one tenth of our lives,” said Cassidy, “when it’s that big of a fraction you know you’ve met the person you are supposed to have sex with.”

The two are both attending college and plan to graduate as soon as they can. “Our parents wanted us to wait to get married until after we graduated, but sometimes you’ve got to get your priorities straight,” said Jordan. Jordan is a psychology major, and when asked, Cassidy said she has just been focusing on getting her “M.R.S. degree,” then giggled, and then said that she’s undeclared.

“My dad said he knew he was ready to marry my mom when he couldn’t ever stop thinking about her, or wanting to be with her,” said Jordan. “And I could relate: I couldn’t stop thinking about wanting to have sex with Cassidy.”

“Also, I really, really like her. Like, a lot,” added Jordan.

The couple appears to be doing great so far. They reported that they are having a great time living together, and they are still learning new things about each other every day.

“I’m a very lucky man,” said Jordan. “I’m married to the most beautiful girl I’ve ever dated, and now that we are married, I’m sure we’ll never stop having sex.”

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