“Hindenburg Museum” Opening Across from “Titanic”

A full size replica of the Hindenberg sits across from the Titanic

Branson, MO- It looks as if fire and ice will come together when Branson’s Hindenburg Museum will open next month directly across the street from the world famous Titanic Museum. The Hindenburg Museum will let visitors see the horror of the famous explosion that destroyed the LZ 129 Hindenburg zeppelin on May 6, 1937 through interactive exhibits and memorabilia.

“We are very excited,” said the museum’s Marketing Director Damien Hearth, “It was a real tragedy that the air ship, described as many as “un-explodable”, lost so many souls. I mean, only 36 to be exact. But, it is quality not quantity.”

The exhibits will include numerous burned items including hats, hand bags, and dinnerware. Most of it will be burnt past recognition, but helpful labels carefully placed in the ash will let visitors know what the blackened items once were. There will be a 10-foot high pile of “burnt-a-topia” where all the items that cannot be identified will be stacked for all to see.

Some interactive exhibits include putting your hand over an open flame to see how long you can last to emphasize with the victims, make your own Herbert Morrison narration over the news reel footage, and sit in a Luftwaffe plane that was restored from the Hindenburg wreckage.

“That last one might not last too long,” said Hearth, “People get all up tight when putting their kids in a German fighter plane. It is not like we have a simulation where they shoot down Allied aircraft…that won’t able available until March.”

“I am so glad the Hindenburg Museum will shed light on the tragedy,” said Apollo Fires, an expert in Hindenology. “To think this tragedy could have been avoided if only they had enough life-gliders on board. Unfortunately they didn’t have any…because they have never existed.”

The museum will be opening late October with a spectacular grand opening complete with giant hydrogen filled balloons for children and sparklers for everyone. Grand opening banners have been printed to read, “Oh the Humanity!”

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  1. Dave says:

    I’m disappointed they didn’t open this exhibit across from the new auto racing track. It would be a nice reminder to the alternative fuels crowd about just how safe hydrogen would be as an automotive fuel. Perhaps NASCAR could run hydrogen powered car races at night. They could name the track, “Flames of Progress”. The bleachers would fill up with people wanting to see the sky light up, and the management at nearby Large Juniper Rustic Motel would promote it as a free show for their guests.

  2. Allan says:

    I hope they soon have an exhibit “Dogs of the Hindenburg” that would be so cool.