CU Lands on Cloud City for Bus Hub


Cloud city bus transfer station selected by CU

Springfield, MO – Local City Utility officials have decided that the best option for building a new bus transfer station will be in the sky. Bus Cloud Station 14 will be built by 2014 and will hover above downtown Springfield, directly above the existing bus station.

“It really is a great solution, we don’t have to impose eminent domain and we don’t need to allocate funds to purchase land. The only hurdle we have to cross is the power of levitation. And by 2014 we should have that well in hand,” said one CU board member. The futuristic bus transfer station will be large enough to accommodate CU’s new fleet of hover-bus due to arrive in the next three years.

“We really thought the hover-buses deserved a new land based transfer station, but then we realized, hey they all hover!” said the CU board member. According to sources the bus transfer station is looking to employ a superior race of hawk-men to work and maintain the structure. “Hawk-men have been living their entire lives in the sky, they’d be the best option we are going to explore,” said a release from the CU human resources department. “We’re also seeking the leadership that a Landau Calrissian could bring to our cloud operation,” said the release.

CU plans to pay for the new hover station with a slight increase in gas and electricity over the period of two months. The amount generated should be enough to rent the Super Proton Synchrotron (SPS) tunnel, located at the CERN particle research centre near Geneva to find the elusive anti-gravity molecules necessary for project completion.


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  1. killpoke says:

    Can’t wait for the gold shovel ‘breaking air’ festivity picture.