Pink Pony, Purple Burrito Collide: Pink-ish-Purple Pony Burrito Formed

Freakish Pony Burrito an awesome sight to behold

Springfield, MO – In a strange and unexplained coincidence the Pink Pony and Purple Burrito have merged forces to produce a Pink-ish-Purple Pony Burrito available this week to the Ozarks. The Pink-ish-Purple Pony Burrito is a hybrid. Part food, part food porn, the 215-pound edible monstrosity comes complete with a stripper jumping out of the beans and rice.

The two popular Glenstone Avenue destinations aren’t exactly sure how it happened. “I thought his dancer landed in my food,” said Ned Gerl of the Purple Burrito. “I thought his food landed on my girl,” said Stid Beanston of the Pink Pony. Fortunately, both businesses are taking partial credit for the unbelievably successful merger of dancing girls and So-Cal Mexi food.

“Sure we could have fought over who started it first, but it just makes sense to market the Pink-ish-Purple Pony Burrito as a joint effort,” claimed Gerl. Local patrons are at once surprised and very pleased when they order the Pink-ish-Purple Pony Burrito. “I thought I was just ordering a So-Cal party burrito, big enough for my frat party to munch on. When I got it home and hauled it inside, well the guys were very happy with my selection of cuisine,” said Nate Fergguison.

The only drawback to the combo of farty beans and frisky women is to the patron who waits too long to open the package. “I ordered one of them Pinky-Purp Pony Tacos and then kept it in the fridge overnight. Next thing I know this beautiful naked woman come crawlin out of my kitchen smellin’ like the inside of a dead armadillo,” said Shemp Nordstrom, “I guess she got hungry and started eatin’ away to keep herself busy.”

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  1. brenda says:

    I think whoever did this has poor judgment as I thought this was a family restaurant! This article sickens me..