Walmart Sign Goes Up Without the “S”

Is this here a Walmarts?

Springfield, MO – The newest Walmart Neighborhood Market located on Glenstone Avenue is primed and ready to open despite hanging the incorrect signage above the main entrance. According to several hundred passing drivers, the sign in missing the “S” at the end of the word.

“I been to Walmarts going on now thirty years. Aight never paid much attention to the signs before but  I did notice that this Market  store don’t have no “S” on it. It is a Walmarts, right?” said Joe Pug, of Buffalo, MO. The new market concept has would be consumers up in arms in several ways, least of which in the pending store closure across the street at Smillie’s.

“Smillie’s has the ‘s’ on the end, so should the Walmarts across the dang street. Its them little details that matter to folks like us,” said Norma-Barbara Fischer of Nixa.

“The Walmart Market is a smaller store design are meant to woo shoppers with easier parking, less crowded aisles and quicker checkout,” said a store representative, “we did not intend to misrepresent our brand by leaving off the “S”, we here at Walmart, er…Walmarts are good down home folk who want to provide the best possible shopping experience for our neighbors.”

The store is expected to add the critical “S” in the coming days before opening.

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  1. w0cpm says:

    Really are these people serious? They think Walmart is spelled with an “S” on the end? I think they need to go around to all the other Walmart stores and see if there is an “s” on those signs as well.

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