Hey mon! ‘Ammons Tower Opens

Hooray 'Ammons Tower!

Springfield, MO – Hammons Hotels Group (HHG) has announced the newly named ‘Ammons Tower is now open and features a uniquely Jamaican theme, which should increase occupancy rates in the very near future. “We found that if we simply removed the first letter of our signage, a new opportunity presented itself. We’re all very excited to see the theme come to life,” said Gary “Rasta” Russell, Director of Operations for ‘Ammons Tower.

The Caribbean theme has saturated every part of the tower from security guard uniforms (now required to wear fake dreadlock hats) to décor within the offices. “We are very happy to have signed an agreement with the Red Stripe spokesman who will greet visitors each day at the main entrance with a familiar ‘Hoooray ‘Ammons!’ cheer,” said Russell.

“Before my office was dark and uninteresting, now it is painted red, green and yellow and the hallways are filled with sand! We even have piped-in music from the live reggae band playing on the roof…it just doesn’t get any better than that,” said human resources lawyer Fred Gunninston while smoking a fattie.

Office morale and productivity are positively affected, according to HHG, when employees are not bound to stale office environments. “We be jammin’ everyday here at ‘Ammons. No worries about deadlines or billing rates anymore. We’re all focused on singing ‘don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing s’gonna be alright,” claimed Gunninston.

“If it takes off, we are prepared to rename and theme other Hammons Hotel properties in a similar fashion,” claims Russell.

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