Brat Hut Looks to Add Shaking Bratwurst to Shack Top

Giant shakey brat waves in customers

Springfield, MO – Local brat-shop Bratwurst Hutte plans to add an enormous shaking traffic stopper to their location on East Battlefield road soon. Several options include a very large sausage, a gyrating bratwurst or several big hot dogs bundled together to draw attention from drivers traversing Battlefield road.

According to Pineapple Whip employee Kale McFritters, the giant hula girl allows business to boom. “Yeah if we didn’t have the female flying Hawaiian up there shaking her hips, we’d have a really boring job to do”, said McFritters. Given the close proximity of the Bratwurst Hutte to the Pineapple Whip stand, a budding friendship grown and secrets to roadstand food success have been shared.

“I told ‘em they needed a giant shakin’ weiner up there on their hut to let people know dat what your sellin’ every day. Just put some meat on a stick and make it wiggle,” said Horton Yankers who eats at Pineapple Whip and Bratwurst Hutte fifteen times a week.

Bratwurst Hutte is looking into new flexible materials that allow for maximum bending without sacrificing strength. “I think we’ve landed on a material and a design to place upon our hut, but the material we’ve chosen doesn’t do very well in the rain so we’ll have to place a large plastic rubber cover on it, but we really don’t want to do that for fear of losing that natural feel to our business,” said brat burner Hal Smokem.

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