Lebanon School District Administrators Placed in Trailers

Ugliest trailer possible found for Administrators

Lebanon, MO – Parents of special education students were pleased to learn that Lebanon School District administrators were recently placed in an un-air-conditioned trailer behind the school’s campus until they can come up with a plan to properly integrate their children and reverse the segregating their loved ones have been exposed to from the rest of the district.

“These kids have already been given distinct disadvantages in life, why force them to live out their school years on an isolated island? Everyone knows we can’t afford another social experiment gone wrong like Australia,” said Pauly Snifferton. Along with desegregation request, parents are also asking that the special needs water fountains, restrooms and cafeterias be abolished. “My kid has to drink from a special needs water fountain that the other ‘normal’ kids don’t have access to…something is wrong about that,” said Rosa Parksington, whose son is in the 4th grade.

Special needs parents are hoping that the time spent in hot, stinky trailers will expedite the Administrator’s decision making process. “Really? They’re locked in there until they find a fix? That is pure genius. I hope they come up with a solution quickly, but not too fast,” said Luther Martin Sr., whose 2nd grade daughter attends special needs classes.

According to historian Dale Figurton, nothing like this has ever happened in the past, “As far as I know, no school officials have ever been moved into a shithouse to work out a problem for people with special needs. Historically, and not too long ago, it was the people who needed the help who were vanquished to a cell of misery and solidarity. I’m guessing they’ll find the funding to hook these kids up with a nice classroom with the other students, they might even find money to give them new iPads, hey…I have a dream.”

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