Snoopy House Discovered in Springfield

Famous doghouse located

Springfield, MO – Peanuts fans will instantly recognize a familiar dwelling at the corner of National and Sunshine Street – all they need to do is look in the Northeastern corner of the intersection to find a dog house for one famous white and black dog.

Now that the word is out, Springfield is attracting worldwide attention. “This is an invaluable find, a real treasure, and we’re moving forward now to have it included on the National Historic Registry list,” said cartoon archeologist Millard Frumpwats of Rutgers University, “a significant find like this is very rare. The last memorable comic strip artifact was found in the late 1990’s when Hagar the Horrible’s Viking-style helmet was recovered in Finland.”

Many locals were very surprised to learn of the significance of the building. “It has been there for a long time, I didn’t really realize what it was until now. I must have driven by it a thousand times without giving it much notice.  I feel so silly now, it was right in front of me my entire life!” said Nancy Hetherton of Nixa, MO.

City officials are planning a dedication ceremony next month after the house has been deemed safe to approach. Military officials are currently testing the structure to ensure that it doesn’t accidently become transformed into a World War I Red Baron bi-wing fighter plane.

Jeffery Lokister said, “It’s pretty cool they found Snoop’s house here in town. Only thing that bothers me is every time I drive by it now I get that piano song stuck in my head.”

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