Springfield Man Excited About Wowing Wife During This Thursday’s Valentine’s Day

Man totally off one week

Springfield, MO- Grant Stephens is looking forward to treating his wife extra special this Thursday the 21rst for Valentine’s Day. The flowers are ordered, the restaurant is reserved, and the chocolates are purchased for the special day which is usually celebrated a week early.

“I am so excited for this Thursday,” Grant tells FCN. “I usually forget, so my wife is going to be totally surprised. Plus, she has been real pissy for the last week for some reason, so this should cheer her up.”

Grant was surprised how easy this whole “Valentine Thing” was to do once he got started.

“It was so weird, but all the Valentine candy and balloons where super cheap (guess they all over ordered). And the restaurant sounded really surprised I pulled out all the stops with the champagne and dessert tray. I guess someone forgot it was Valentine’s day.”

Grant noticed that he has got to be top the game because of all his wife’s friend’s birthdays and anniversaries that happened last week.

“I would drop by Mandy’s office and there were heart-covered anniversary flowers and cards everywhere. I guess the week before Valentine’s Day was THE day to get married. Or 9 month’s before Valentine’s Day was a great time to conceive a kid because some those had to be baby angel themed birthday cards.”

The rest of the world celebrated Valentine’s Day last Thursday the 14th otherwise known as the correct day.

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