Whimsical Snownado Warning Pleasantly Issued

Snownado prepares to bring joy to the Ozarks

Springfield, MO – Following strange weather reports, the National Weather Service has issued a Snownado warning for Southwestern Missouri until 5:45 pm. At 6:30 am, trained weather spotters reported a wonderfully white funnel 7 miles west of Battlefield or near Springfield. A snownado may develop at any time and shower the area with little fluffy flakes of fun. Doppler radar showed this fanciful storm moving north and east at 10 miles per hour.

“I was chasing through Oklahoma and I seen this amazing white funnel cloud drop out of the sky near Monett. I started throwing out what looked like pixie dust and glitter. I was amazed, it was beautiful…it went back up into the sky and for a moment I wasn’t exactly sure what had happened,” claimed Rodney Figerton a storm chaser from Texas.

Precautionary actions for a snownado include preparing snowsuits, collecting carrots and discarded pieces of coal for snowman making as well as placing a bowl on the front porch to collect snow droppings for snowflake ice-cream. “Heavens, with all the thunder-sleet and straight-line lightning I thought I’d seen it all here in the Ozarks. But I’ve never experienced a snownado…it sounds magical,” replied Rebecca Scaferton when told of the warning.

School closing have picked up rapidly as parents demanded their children be available for this momentous storm. “The snownado rotates extremely slow, but fast enough to sling a snowball at you with some zip on it. We are going to love playing with it. I heard one snownado even parked itself outside of Principal Newton’s house in the 90’s and covered up all his windows and doors – school was out for a week!,” said Ozark Elementary student Davon Tightface.


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