Melting Snowmen Teach Children Inevitability of Death

Springfield, MO- With the melting of last week’s snow, many Springfield children are learning about the changing of the seasons, the water cycle, and the inevitability of death.  Area snowmen, who were lovingly crafted by children of all ages, slowly wasted away in a powerful metaphor of morality.

“Yes kids, watch as the snowman slowly withers away as the sun beats down on my mercilessly. That is what time does to us. There is no hope,” says area stay-at -home mom Kendra Michaels using the melting as a powerful teaching moment. “And no magic hat is going to bring him back.”

The passing of the snowmen also teaches young children the importance of no regrets. “You said yesterday you were going to give him a funny carrot nose,” said Theo Maxwell to his 8-year-old daughter. “But, now he is a puddle on the ground being drunk by worms. And as he melted his last thoughts were on your broken promises.”

Adults are not the only ones teaching children the lessons. Young children are also helping their peers understand how fragile and precious life is.

“You know how the snowman melted all by himself in the morning sun without anyone to hold his stick hand? That is how we all go. We all die alone no matter
how many people are around us,” says 5th grader Allen Parksdale to his reading group. “We all die lonely and cold.”

Many parents try to put a positive spin on the snowmen to no avail. “It isn’t so bad,” says mother of three Stephanie Randels. “He just becomes a cloud high in the sky to watch over us.” To which her children just smile, nod, and think: “bulls**t.”

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