Customers Complain about USPS Cuts via Email/Social Media/Instant Message


Snail mail users take to the internet

Snail mail users take to the internet

Springfield, MO – Thousands of angry USPS customers are taking to electronic media to complain about the recent budget cuts forcing delay of first class deliveries. Hours after the announcement, several “save the USPS” sites appeared on Facebook and the hashtag #saveUSPS began trending on Twitter.

“How are we supposed to communicate with our far away relatives if postal service is no longer a reliable option?” said Nancy Willowferge of the 90’s. “I emailed my cousin to let her know my Christmas cards are going to be late next year. She responded immediately and was outraged by the lack of communication we are going to be experiencing.”

Supporters of the postal service are initiating online petitions, sharing online surveys and demanding an online Q&A with USPS to understand what can be done about the problem.

“We’re optimistic that our online communication efforts can revive this unused and underutilized service,” said Willowferge, “due to the outcry, it is obvious that we still need this service. In fact, I just heard that we passed 20,000 online votes to keep it.”

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