“Cox” & “Swallow” Street Signs Vandalized Again

Intersection signage stolen every 2-3 months

Springfield, MO – An unfortunate intersection bearing a lewd name has once again been vandalized, in fact the street signs at Cox and Swallow have routinely been stolen only to be proudly displayed in a mancave, garage or fraternity house.

“Swallow Cox – get it?!” said Nick Jubery, a sophomore at Missouri State University, “You see it means, well y’know, right? Hilarious, who would approve that intersection?”

According to City historical records, soon after the Louisiana Purchase, John Polk Campbell – Springfield city founder – actually set the joke in motion in 1829. “Campbell had a well-known sense of humor, he reportedly named an East-West street Swallow, and a North-South lane Cox anticipating that his comic vision would eventually be played out as the city grew,” said historical clerk Bert Lowry.

MODOT indicates that they have to replace the street signs about every 2-3 months. “At first, I thought there was an increase in traffic engineering and people appreciated the fine design of the signs, green metallic paint, white lettering. Then it hit me: Cox Swallow. Swallow Cox. Either way you approach it, it is well not exactly welcoming,” said Sherry Iona a representative.

Lesser known intersections that have the possibility of future vandalization include “Emerson & Biggins”, “Harry & Kuntz” and “Main & Whacker”.

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  1. New Site says:

    This intersection is where Cox Sucker Days will be held next year.