KHS Unveils New Cafeteria & Mascot Name: Poochies

Fear the Poochies!

Fear the Poochies!

Springfield, MO – Recent renovations revealed a new gathering space and new rally cry for the Chiefs of Kickapoo High School: Poochies was released as a new catch-phrase during the cafeteria grand opening and several students and alumni are mixed on the subliminal announcement.

“I mean ‘poochie’ is a term of endearment but I don’t think it is a very fierce thing to scream at a sporting event,” said ’94 alumni Chas Piffer, “I do think it is an evolution of ‘fear the poo’ which plays upon one’s fear of touching another person’s feces. Especially a group of people who have gathered their feces to support a communal endeavor.”

While “Poochies” is displayed above the new cafeteria windows for all students to gaze upon several are questioning the authenticity of the message. “Poochies. Is that a reference to our post-high school mid sections?” wondered one Sally Milfer, currently a Junior at the SPS institution, “I mean if I were to fear something it would be an expanded waist size so I guess that ‘poochies’ is a terrifying image. Watch out for the Freshman 15! Here’s comes a lack of exercise! Our school has larger girth than yours! These are all terrifying images to portray to a rival.”

When reached for comment the faculty representative simply stated, “Poochies? Oh, crap.” T-shirt sales with slogans such as “Smoochies for my Poochies”, “Poochies Power” and “These Poochies ain’t no Coochies” are expected to soar in the next 4 years, which should help pay for the new cafeteria renovation expenses.

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