Nondiscrimination Task Force Really Bringing Together Community

Task force considers next steps to bring together community

Springfield, MO – According to the chairman of the nondiscrimination task force, efforts to illuminate feelings and attitudes on sexual orientation and gender identity has really bonded the immediate community together in a colossal argument.

“People love to fight. And what we’ve got here is a momentous finger-pointing match that is exhilarating,” said Nick Yonder a member of the task force, “what else would we be doing if not arguing over opinions and perceptions?”

Many community members are not even aware that the debate was occurring until pastors and religious leaders were invited to share their views on the situation. “We went through meat cutters, mechanics and maids, but really landed on something when we the voices of clergy spoke up – another launching pad to bring more people into the argument,” said Yonder.

Yonder predicts that by next summer, families will be divided, friends will have fewer friends and a task force recommendation will by no means be available or ready to share with the public. “Why waste a perfect opportunity to create discomfort and strife among the people when good, ol-fashioned debate can be had?” pondered Yonder.

The task force plans to withhold a recommendation until all voices in the community are heard. “I mean every voice,” said Yonder, “we’re going to drag this thing out until the very, very end.” Concerned citizens are hopeful that the end is soon.

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