KY3 Horn Player Quits

Springfield—KYTV’s horn player has decided to quit the show. Harry Pally, who played the main theme song music for local TV station KY3 for decades has quit citing lack of recognition and a bad case of “terrible boredom”.

“Every morning show, every noon, every evening, each news break, day after day after day. It starts to wear on a man after a while,” said Pally referring to his rigorous work schedule.

KYTV general manager, Eric Norman, said he had no idea Pally was playing live all these years. “Couldn’t we have recorded that like 30 years ago?” said the puzzled GM. Norman flew into a tizzy when he learned that in fact no one had thought to record the instrumental before Pally left. “(Ned) Reynolds must have that tune memorized by now, get that man a tuba!” Norman said, mistakenly identifying the lead instrument in the stations prominent ditty.

“Figure I’ve played that tune 436,454 times over the past 50 years. Time for me to record me a solo album or git on the road and see the country playing my French horn from town to town,” pontificated Polly.

Polly never considered himself a quitter and held onto the only job he’s known based on the great camaraderie he enjoyed from the other station crew and anchors.
“I remember when Fred Miller and Tom Dye once filled my horn with confetti before the 10 o’clock news. Boy that was a hoot,” recalled Polly.

KYTV news is asking any viewer who might have a copy of the song recorded to submit it to the station as soon as possible.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I guess he’s taking a “Bugler’s Holiday.”

  2. Bruce Hembd says:

    Judging by the picture Harry Pally must have been a zombie reincarnation of Aubrey Brain who died in 1955. Never mind too that the type of horn pictured here has not been played on for decades.

    Could it hurt you guys to get a real picture of the actual horn player in question instead of posting a picture lifted from another web site?

  3. Bruce Hembd says:

    Aha – I get it now. This is just for fun. Silly me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    his last words as he walked out the door “this job blows, really blows. if it wasn’t for all of the chicks every night, i would have quit years ago”

  5. Fair City News says:

    A-ha, now that’s clever :)

  6. Jason says:

    That’s good. :)