Bass Pro Shops Unveils New Marketing Effort

Springfield, MO — Slashing marketing budgets is nothing new, especially in this economy, but in the face of such challenges Bass Pro Shops has decided to take a completely new approach to advertising.

“We’ve done all sort of advertising over the years,” said Butch Gitcha, Director of Marketing for Bass Pros Shops, “print, TV, direct mail, NASCAR. But when we laid all our previous efforts out on the table we noticed a totally missed medium: the animals.”

Bass Pro Shops latest efforts involve putting messages and offers directly onto, and sometimes in, animals that their customers hunt. For example, if you’re lucky on Table Rock Lake this summer, you just might catch a fish that can be returned to the store for $1 off a Bass Pro koozie. Or if you hunting deer south of Neosho this next season and spot one that says “Coupon Inside,” a clean kill and some good knife work could be worth up to $5,000 off the purchase of a new boat.

“It’s definitely not the easiest marketing we’ve done. It’s not easy to catch the L.A.B.s (Live Animal Billboards). And our production department is really pissed. But the cost is low and the return is tremendous.” Said Gitcha. “Plus, it’s like a carnival game on the lake or in the woods. Instead of just going after the big ones, now if you pick the right buck and you could save a buncha bucks…hey, that could be a tagline.”

PETA has already launched its own marketing effort against Bass Pro Shops for what it considers a “cruel and inhumane campaign to eviscerate our glorious fauna.” Due to this, all hunters in and around the Ozarks are advised not to shoot any animals that read, “Shoot me if you’re a heartless killer.” These animals are not part of the Bass Pro Shops promotion and are most likely PETA members in disguise.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i went deer hunting once, and i’ll never do it again. i took a couple of shots at a deer, i really didn’t see it, but the bushes were moving. after a couple of more beers , i got tired and went home. the next day on the news there was a hunter found shot to death in that same area. good thing i left when i did, it could have been me with all of those crazies out there. it’s way too dangerous. sometimes i have dreams of deer wearing orange hats walking in the bushes