Mildly Satisfying Home Makeover Edition Location Announced

Springfield, MO—Following the enormous success of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition in Ash Grove, er Bois D’Arc this past week, the announcement has been made that Mildly Satisfying: Home Makeover Edition will be coming to the Ozarks.

One local family will be featured on the less than popular Mildly Satisfying: Home Makeover Edition series when they roll into town early this fall.

The two shows, EMHE and MSHME, share several similarities in that they both have celebrity carpenter hosts, redo a deserving family’s home and do it all in just one week.

Mildly Satisfying Home Makeover Edition host Al Borland from ABC’s “Home Improvement” says that the most satisfying day of the week long build is when he prompts the crown to shout “Move that Winnebago!” exposing the new home to the selected family.

“We do things differently from our cousins at EMHE, our families are treated to an upgraded home but without the excesses that you see featured on the other program,” said the slightly overweight, and always seen wearing flannel, Borland who is clearly the antithesis to Ty Pennington’s Hollywood appeal.

“Yeah, it was nice. Not too fancy, nothing over the top, just something that really helped out my family in a big way. Oh yeah and no stupid theme rooms my kids will outgrow in 6 months and kill the resale value of the joint,” said recent MSHME recipient Joe Tamany of New Jersey.

MSHME homes provide a clear upgrade to deserving families, but do it within limits. For example, instead of a 900 sq foot kitchen outfitted with marble counter tops and stripper poles, a MSHME home kitchen would be 300 sq ft with a nice marble substitute and no poles.

This scaled-down approach benefits hundreds more families across the US due to efficiencies in labor, materials and promotion. Plus ABC can actually afford to pay for these homes and not rely upon a huge web of volunteers, contractors and builders. One other difference is family inclusion; instead of sending the families off to la-la land, they help build the home and learn valuable work skills they can use the rest of their life.

“Unfortunately, ABC doesn’t bring in the same ad revenue with MSHME as we do with EMHE, but we keep the show around for laughs. Look at Al, he’s still wearing flannel!” said a slimy, greedy ABC network executive.

In related news, a source on-site a recent build for Mildly Satisfying Home Makeover Edition reportedly leaked a new show coming out this fall on ABC, the all-new MMA Carpenter Cage Match: Al Borland vs. Bob Vila.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I sooo agree with the premise of toning down the show. How are these families ever to afford the upkeep coming from where they were? Also, it's great that there are so many willing an able voluteers willing to lend a helping hand. Why does it take an "ABC Show" coming to town to generate that giving spirit? Who ultimately prospers here?…I say ABC more than the family and community.