The Great Woody Justice Caper Attracts Muppets

Woody Justice and the Muppets prepare for the Great Woody Justice Caper in October

Woody Justice and the Muppets prepare for the Great Woody Justice Caper in October

Springfield, MO—A $10,000 Diamond ring has been hidden somewhere in town, prompting hordes of Muppets to descended upon the city to find the jewels and clear Mrs. Piggy’s name in the process.

When reached for comment a manager at Justice Jewelers said they had no idea such a large number of animated puppets would take an interest in the fundraiser for Camp Barnabas, especially ones created by Jim Henson.

Some of the first to arrive included Fozzie, a bear wearing a hat, who said, “we had such a wonderful time finding Lady Holiday’s priceless diamond necklace in 1981 that we just had to participate in this adventure.” “Hubba hubba!” cried Gonzo as he viewed the diamond ring in a photograph.

Springfield resident Bon Fiddle witnessed the arrival of the Muppets, “they all just came in at once, dancing and singing to a choreographed musical number. There was one bus with Muppets hanging all over it and a band (Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem) was on the very top playing rock n’ roll music. They descended from the North and blew through new diverging diamond on Kansas Expressway with ease.”

Kermit the Frog confirmed that Beauregard was operating the vehicle and that most traffic laws do not require safety belt use for Muppets. “Oh Kermie,” sighed Miss Piggy.

One participant noted from the balcony of the Gillioz Theatre, “hey Waldorf, I was wondering if you had a cell phone to receive the text clues.” “Judging by the text in this article, I’d phone in the author to spend some time in a cell!” replied Waldorf. “Bravo! Encore!” (insert audience canned laughter).

For more information on the event, visit the  or call Justice Jewelers at 417-881-0551.

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