Dr. Brad Bradshaw Adds “Ninja” To Ever Expanding Title

Dr. Brad Bradshaw now a ninja

Dr. Brad Bradshaw now a ninja

Springfield, MO—Dr. Brad Bradshaw can now claim to be a licensed physician, surgeon, lawyer and ninja. Dr. Bradshaw graduated from medical school, possesses surgical training, specialized training in Internal Medicine and Psychiatry and has received certification in Clinical Obstetrics from Harvard Medical School. However, his newest accolade bestows legendary abilities including invisibility, walking on water, and control over natural elements.

“I’m a man of various interests and want to continually challenge myself with new opportunities. I really enjoy collecting certificates and found that the most rewarding path to take at this time in my life was that of the ninja.”

Sources for Bradshaw indicate that his ninja services will be offered to clients seeking a covert agent or mercenary specializing in unorthodox arts of war. The benefits of espionage, sabotage, and infiltration, have proven effective tools in the courtroom as well as the occasional assassination assignment.

“I was recently asked to put down a rebel coup in a third world country by myself, relying only on my newly acquired ninja skills. Fortunately, I squelched the uprising without causing any harm to the rebels,” said Bradshaw.

Bradshaw also displays stealthy skills in the courtroom. Last week he reportedly gave a closing argument by effortlessly explaining a surgical procedure near the judge’s bench, then smashed a smoke bomb and mysteriously re-appeared next to the jurors to deliver the final line of his argument. The jurors were so impressed with the theatrics that they found in his favor during deliberation.

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  1. C.J. Moeller says:

    Dr. Bradshaw no longers possesses anonymity as a Ninja, but what he does possess is very specific set of skills . . .

  2. Anon says:

    I propose he change his name to Dr. Brad Bradbrad.

  3. JamieD says:

    Nice post! Thanks! -Jamie Dolan – Neenah, WI

  4. Beth says:

    Hey Brad Bradshaw, here’s a new ad for you. “Have you been injured while driving a car manufactured by a Japanese automaker recently cited for accelorator problems? You go after local hospitals, here’s a big fish for you.

  5. g.gaylebradshaw says:

    How about president bradshaw, yes thats it.
    would you vote for him, sasquatch ,clint eastwood or opra winfrey if they ran at the same time

  6. Derk Deragowski says:

    Wow! That guy is amazing! Is there anything he can’t do? I bet he can levitate, therefore being able to put on his ninja pants both legs at one time!!