Trump Presidential Library Plans Announced

Pussy grabbing exhibit included in Presidential Library designs

Pussy grabbing exhibit expected to be  included in Trump Presidential Library designs

Springfield, MO – Local architect Jans Tribbles recently announced that his firm of Dammish, Loren & Opivert was selected to begin designing the Trump Presidential Library, which will be opened at a future date in Trump Tower, New York City, NY.

Initial plans for the Presidential library call for interactive exhibits where guests can experience what it is like to grab women by the pussy, learn exactly how to mock a disabled reporter with flailing arm movements and include an Olympic-sized boxing ring where participants can dress like an angry white man and sucker punch rally protestors, Democrats or anyone with which they have a differing opinion.

Of course these are preliminary concepts based upon campaign feedback, and more content could be added to the Library according to Tribbles. “We expect a ‘Trail of Fears’ hall where Muslims, Mexicans and Military parents can be berated with a number of pre-recorded insults by President Trump with a push of a button by the library visitors,” he said.

“I’d like to see how to hide my tax returns once the Trump Presidential Library opens,” said Billy Owens, a 9-year-old 4th grade student, “and learn how attack John McCain because he was captured in combat.”

Tribbles revealed that they plan on over-pricing the design fees, speculating that Trump will likely not pay the full invoice amounts for services provided. The Trump administration is planning to charge admission but Tribbles expects guests won’t be required to pay if the Presidential Library doesn’t meet their “expectations”. Across all political affiliations, this Library will leave visitors speechless.

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