Secret Society Implements Symbol in Springfield Road Construction

Secret hand symbol of the FreeDiamond, who are implementing diverging diamonds in the Ozarks.

Secret hand symbol of the FreeDiamond, who are implementing diverging diamonds in the Ozarks.

Springfield, MO—Conspiracy theorists are claiming that the FreeDiamonds, an underground group in the Ozarks, is implementing a wicked secret symbol in the construction of diverging diamonds into everyday society. The existing and proposed locations of these traffic designs are said to form a satanic goat head with four existing points that represent fire, water, earth and air. The fifth point that represents the spirit of Lucifer has yet to be identified, but sources say a location has already been secured.

The existing diverging diamond location is at the Missouri 13/Interstate 44 interchange. Additional locations include National Avenue at James River Freeway (under construction), Chestnut Expressway at U.S. 65 (2011 finish date) and the proposed location at Highway CC at U.S. 65 in Ozark, MO. When a line is drawn connecting these sites a distinct satanic diamond is formed between Greene and Christian counties.

Once this hidden symbol is in place, it is thought to possess great power, specifically the power to destroy drive times for all those who look upon it.

For many years to come conspiracy theorists claim that these symbols shall be hidden from most people’s knowledge. Millions of motorists who drive these streets will have no knowledge as to the existence of these diamond symbols, not to mention their meaning. Motorist driving in the area will never truly understand why these streets seem to be laid out so strangely.

MoDOT spokesman Ralph Henkerton responded to the allegations by saying, “the odds against this happening are pretty good. Secret societies have been running our government for centuries. It’s sad to think that they have conquered everything else in our lives and now they are forced to concerned upon the flow of traffic. This has to be embarrassing on some level to think that world domination is complete and the last thing to control in the free world are commutes.”

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  1. kenkny says:

    The dummies that shops at Redbox are the people really in control of the world. No Goat-Headed Society will ever be able to take their reigns!

  2. Jim says:

    We have you fooled. It worked. What is really going on, in preparation to being assimilated by the European Union, we are starting to have drivers drive on the left hand side of the road. This is just the first step.

  3. Jamar Dural says:

    I just want to let you know that I appreciate the time and skills that you have put into posting this entry. You have a new fan right here.

  4. This is an epic post, I’ll be adding you to my list.

  5. Hi from Ireland, good post, deserves a Digg.

  6. JamieD says:

    What a excellent blog entry, Thanks for sharing it with me. Have a Great day! -Jamie Dolan- Neenah, WI