Dickens Cider Comes To Friday Farmer’s Market

Dickens Cider Coming Soon

Springfield, MO—Rumor has it that the Friday Farmer’s Market in downtown Springfield is about to get bigger and tastier with addition of a legendary local favorite — Dickens Cider. The Dickens Cider family recipe has been handed down for generations and has recently gained popularity with locals for its apparent health benefit.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, an organizer of the Farmer’s Market told FCN, “My wife wouldn’t dream of starting her day without a little Dickens Cider.” He continued, “Heck, once my mother-in-law tried some Dickens Cider, she can’t get enough.”  Founded by the Dickens Sisters, the Republic orchard is renowned for growing some of the biggest and juiciest hand-picked produce anywhere, plucked fresh from the vine.

Local resident Bobby Worthiness said, “Tell you what, if you want something extra special, just hold back a gallon jug for a while and before you know it,  you’ll have some really hard Dickens Cider.” He went on, “We’ll be in line early!” If the weather is cool, Farmer’s Market customers might even get some to enjoy some hot Dickens Cider. Looking to expand the Farmer’s Market appeal, FCN has also learned Feltersnatch Fish Emporium intends to sell their mouth-watering Feltersnatch Fish Tacos at the market beginning sometime in June. The Friday Farmer’s Market continues through late summer.

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