Good Song Blamed for Speeding

Local man sings along to speed-inducing song

Springfield, MO—On Tuesday, Jimmy Galtert of Republic, gave what he considered a reasonable explanation to his excessive speed heading west on Sunshine street: a really good song came on the radio.

“So there I was in my 2003 Ford Focus when Guns and Roses’ Paradise City began to play on the radio. I immediately hit the gas with the first few guitar licks and I was up near 90 mph before the first verse was over. I didn’t even know my car could go that fast! Really, there was nothing I could do, I was powerless. A slave to the music” said Galtert.

Local disk jockeys at 104.7 are familiar with the power of the music recording industry. Mike the Intern stated that at least 14 calls are logged a month reporting a loss of physical control for brief periods of time during the airing of certain songs. “In my experience, classic rock can do strange things to people.  Who knows how many wrecks ‘Welcome to the Jungle’ has caused?” said the Intern.

Galtert was pulled over as the final crescendo of “Paradise City” was building up. “I really considered making a run for it. My mind was saying ‘aw take me home, aw take me home, I, I wanna go!’ but I suppressed my inner Axel Rose and eased onto the side of the road to receive my speeding ticket,” he said.

Much to Galtert’s surprise the attending officer was sympathetic to his cause. “I’ve been there. I know what kind of emotions are fired up when a good song is played over the airwaves. I told him to keep his radio turned down and keep his foot from tapping the accelerator to the good tunes,” said an amazingly cool Officer Mike Browning.

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  1. Allen Marsh says:

    I have to be really careful whenever Springsteen’s “Born to Run” comes on.

  2. Tyler says:

    I knew when I saw the Guns N Roses logo in the picture that “Paradise City” would be the cause!