“Siht-&-Stay” Opens at Kum & Go

Siht-&-Stay Opens at Kum & Go

Springfield, MO – Kum & Go, a national gasoline chain, published a press release detailing plans to open a new chain of dog training stores, the “Siht-&-Stay”. The idea struck a senior executive officer within the company when he decided to forego the company motto and stay at one of their stores for more than a quick stop for gas and snacks.

“When I stopped to watch the flow of cars going through our station near the intersection of 13 highway and I-44 I quickly realized how many people travel with their pets.” The Executive said.  “You see, the pets traveling with these people seemed unruly, restless and in need of some discipline…prompting me to consider ways to help these drivers.”

Inspired by this latest epiphany he announced that starting in 2011, Kum & Go will retro-fit their gas stations with what they are branding as “Siht-&-Stay” sub-stations.  The name not only plays off the fast-paced get-in and get-out name of their gasoline brand but also utilizes a silent “h” to capitalize on the infamous quirky-spelling marketing approach that seems to draw so many customers to their gas stations.

The new “Siht-&-Stay” sub-stations will be a separate structure from the gas stations much as you would find with their car washes.  The new sub-stations will provide a calming atmosphere for traveling pets to receive course-correcting changes to their temperament so that drivers and their pets may continue peacefully on their travels.

Stockholders of the company seem interested in the idea so the company opened a pilot store to test the concept.  As you would expect, several problems surfaced during the pilot.  Next time you and your family embark on that next travel outing make sure you keep your eyes open.  Maybe instead of just “Kumming-&-Going” you and Fido can take a “Siht” & “Stay” for a while.

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  1. Dave says:

    If they merge Quik Trip and Kum & Go, Will they call the new company “Get it and Get Out”?