Northtown Mall-Mart Still a Mall

Wal-Mart consumes Northtown Mall

Springfield, MO – Owner of the Northtown Mall on Kearney and Glenstone fears that Wal-Mart is scaring off other tenants. “Yes we are still a mall,” stated the owner. Its not hard to see how this is confusing to Springfield residents as Wal-Mart seems to have overtaken the Northtown Mall structure with its new super center.

“I knew they had overlapped into some of the other spaces of the mall, but they were such a good source of income that I didn’t really pay attention to how they were affecting the other businesses we used to have. I didn’t even realize the other shops were all gone.” He fears this exodus of tenants is due to Wal-Mart’s always low prices on just about everything. Other would be tenants can’t really compete.

“Ozarks Technical Community College even used to be a tenant if I remember correctly.” stated the owner. “I suppose they left because Wal-Mart offers cheaper technical schooling now too or something.”

The owner confessed that they used to pride themselves as being the little quiet mall with no traffic for a pleasant shopping experience. “Now customers seem irritated as soon as they walk through the doors and face the mass crowds.” said the owner.

When Wal-Mart was asked to comment on the situation, they released a statement that said they were not trying to scare of other tenants and would be happy to drive another business in the ground.

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  1. Josh says:

    I remember going to movies there when they had a 4-plex cinema

  2. swapstyle1978 says:

    I’m from the northern suburbs of minneapolis and we also have a northtown mall, but our northtown mall doesn’t have a wal-mart it has a home depot.

  3. Just Me says:

    Don’t believe that’s how it looked like or what anyone should have been saying Dec 2010. They tore it down and rebuilt a brand new WalMart a couple of years ago. Biggest in this five WalMart town, not counting the Sam’s, including the one they’ve built the southside since then.
    But even tho I live less than a mile north of it, and have a BA in History, I’m no authority. You should be calling them.