KY3 Changes Format to Cover KY News

KY3 now covers Kentucky

Springfield, MO—After serving the Ozark Plateau area of Southwestern Missouri for over 50 years, local television station KY3 recently realized that the “KY” indicated that they should be reporting on news related to the state of Kentucky, not Southwest Missouri.

Said the station general manager, “We were embarrassed and a lot surprised when one of our cameramen said, ‘hey doesn’t KY stand for Kentucky?’ We all stood around dumbfounded in amazement, then took up the charge to report on the Bluegrass State that our name bound us to focus upon almost six decades ago.”

Due to current licensing agreements, all programming will continue to be broadcast locally in the Ozarks, however all content will be centered around the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

KY3, known as KYTV is an NBC-affiliate and has had a long and storied past since it originally launched in 1953 and began to erroneously cover events in the Ozarks and provide programs such as Ozark Jubilee, Talent Varieties and feeds of Five Star Jubilee. While these mistakes are still part of the KY3’s past the news crews and staff are looking forward to covering the Kentucky Derby, bourbon and whiskey distilling, Southern politics and Kentucky NCAA basketball.

After the decision to report on all things Kentucky, a suggestion was made to change the station’s name to MO3 in an effort to provide local news to a local audience. Said one reporter, “that’s just ridiculous we’ve always been KY3, MO3 would be insane. When news breaks in Kentucky, Missourians will be the first to know.” The station is changing its graphics to represent the change as well as a move from the old slogan “The Place to Be” to “Unbridled Spirit”.

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  1. Lynne says:

    This is the stupidest thing Ive ever heard! You dont want to broadcast your own local news anymore? Ridiculous! And Im sure people from KY want to win promotional prizes, contests, etc., from hundreds of miles away.

  2. says:

    Thanks for your concern Lynne, of course it is crazy – we make these stories up to as a source of humor. Have a good one and check back sometime soon.

  3. Daniel says:

    Wonderful idea. And great bits throughout. I think some of the wording could be made more efficient. Still, very funny stuff. Keep it up, FCN.

  4. Jim says:

    I was expecting a KY jelly story and was totally disappointed

  5. says:

    Sorry Jim, had to go a different route, KY jelly was just too easy.