Viebrock to Wrestle Arnott in Steel Cage Match


Cage match for Greene County

Springfield MO.-  The ongoing feud between presiding Greene County Commissioner Jim Viebrock and Greene County Sheriff Jim Arnott will soon be settled when they wrestle each other in a steel cage match at the shrine mosque later next month.  What will be the main event for the night is being billed as “The Battle between the two Jimmys”.


It will feature a no holds barred, no disqualifications, winner take all match to be settled in a steel cage.  Jim “The Vivacious One” Viebrock says he can’t wait for this to be settled once and for all so he can move on to other business in Greene County.  “That Heinrich Himmler look alike has been running his mouth telling me what to do for too long.”, commented the Vivacious One. “Once we get into the ring and that door is shut he is going to find out who is really in charge in Greene County. I guarantee the people of Greene County that I am going to be there.”

Jim “The Anvil” Arnott said, “That mealy mouth smart boy has been ducking from me for too long.  He has been hiding behind his comments in the newspaper and running his pie hole on TV and radio. Once that steel door shuts there won’t be any desk to hide behind.  I guarantee my fans who are the posse, that I am going to be there.”
Other feature matches on the card include a match for the vacated Greene County Parks Director title.  The interim director Bob “The Bouncer” Belote will face from parts unknown “The Search Committee”.  “I don’t know a thing about “The Search Committee,” said “The Bouncer”.  I just hope my fans rally around the hometown boy. The one thing I can promise you is that I am going to be there.”

Divas will also be on the card. Female TV personalities from all the local stations will compete in a giant battle royal.  The winner of the match will take on the queen of Ozarks television, KY3 champion Lisa Rose for the title.  “In all honesty I hope someone that doesn’t work at KY3 wins the match,” stated “The Lovely Lisa” Rose.  “I truly love all the women that I work with.  But if that doesn’t happen and say someone like Maria Neider wins the match, I will hit her in the head with a steel chair to keep my title.  The one thing my fans can count one is that I am going to be there.”

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  1. Dave says:

    I think the steel cage would be better used as a jail annex housing the overflow.