Shooting Range Hosts Gangsta Day


First annual Gangsta Days at the range

Ash Grove, MO – The Andy Dalton shooting range is vying to attract more urban sportsman by holding its first annual “Gangsta Days”. Younger shooters are increasingly hard to come by and the “Gansta Days” event is targeted at the youth of the Ozarks.


“Inner city kids relate to Jay-Z, 50 Cent, and other rappers who shoot each other, we thought we could create a gangster atmosphere that appealed to them in order to introduce them to competitive marksmanship,” said Tip Faster, a lead marketer for the range.

According to reports, hip-hop music will be blasted as participants pick off targets down range, Glocks will be issued for each shooter and a class on how to shoot handguns sideways will teach the finer points of gangster warfare. Most anticipation has been built around the conversion of the shotgun skeet area into a drive by shooting range. A modified pulley cart will pull shooters across the field while targets pop up, ready to be blasted into oblivion. The archery range will be outfitted with strobe lights and a crowded dancefloor where targets must be identified within a hot club setting.

“Overall, we want to introduce new people to firearms and safety of said firearms. We don’t need any homeboy homicides on our city streets. This event should help raise awareness in the hood,” said Faster.

A retro shooting booth will be outfitted with a tommy gun for any older marksmen who mistakenly show up expecting a Chicago-style gangster event.

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  1. Dave says:

    This event will complement the ever popular local Hillbilly “I’m going to shoot your dog” Days in which mechanical dogs are pulled back and forth for people with no teeth to shoot them.