Rest on 7, Rests 24/7

Rest on 7 customers should look into a sleeping mat

Springfield, MO  – Owner of the Rest on 7 mattress shop on Independence street has decided to close shop permanently citing a need to rest every day, all day long. “Being in business is hard. Taking customer orders, donating a portion of that to ‘charity’, and working 6 days a week takes its toll on a person,” said ownership. Furious customers couldn’t agree more.
“Man, it is about time someone stole my money to donate to charity. I haven’t been ripped off in quite a while. I guess this is the season of giving. To someone. Only to receive nothing in return. Just wasn’t planning to give away hundreds of thousands of dollars in exchange for the buckwheat treatment,” said Hal Fuque.

Stores in Joplin, Branson and Springfield all shut down leaving mass confusion in their wake. “I know that all over the world people sleep without the aid of a wide selection of bedding including Sealy Posturepedic, and Tempur-pedic, however, I wasn’t expecting to be sleeping on the floor this Christmas,” scoffed Gerald Thimblemack who ordered a back-rubbing, breakfast-preparing incontinent-prevention mattress.

Angry customers expressed regret at their Rest on 7 purchase, and are prepared to find some answers by tracking down the owner and shaking his giant mattress where all deposits have been made to get their money back. “I really can’t believe that he stuffed all of our money under his mattress, but that is the story going around town. I’ll search for it 24/7, no rest on Sunday,” grumbled Thimblemack.

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  1. Joanna says:

    I gave a 1700 dollar cash deposit on some couches. Now I see why I am getting no return phone calls. Why is it that every time a business claims to be Christians that they are always the first o completely screw you? Anyone interested in a lawsuit??

  2. Larry says:

    $425 paid for a mattress/box spring set that was never delivered. I’m with you, Joanna, concerning the lawsuit. Judgment begins in the house of God; I didn’t say it, He did. I filed a complaint with the state Attorney General at, too.

  3. Kmorilna says:

    People need to calm down. The owners are doing everything they can to make it right with the customers. And believe me they haven’t just stole your money and gave it all the charity. I know the owners very well and they are good heartly people. They honestly are doing EVERYTHING in their power to help customers and make right out of this huge mess. But it doesn’t happen just over night because people are making threats.

  4. Susan Deem says:

    I guess I was one of the “lucky” ones. I ordered my bed in late Oct & had it delivered in mid Nov. I waited an extra week for delivery but I did get it. I had been interested in a chair & when I went back by the store last week, noticed the windows were covered. I thought maybe they were getting ready for a big sale. Guess not

  5. Christi Brune says:

    With regards to Rest On 7 Mattress & Furniture Gallery please contact with any questions or if you have not yet been contacted while we continue to complete all open invoices as product arrives. Please do not fall victim to false information or share any personal information on illegally created emails or stolen facebook pages claiming to be affiliated with Rest On 7 created by a disgruntled consultant. Your patience and understanding has been greatly appreciated while we continue to fulfill all customers orders.
    Travis and Christi Brune