Man Drives MLK Bridge Over and Over for MLK Day

Man sets record and raises awareness by driving MLK bridge for 8 hours

Springfield, MO – Local man Norm Hugefston decided to celebrate Martin Luther King Day by driving continuously over the Martin Luther King bridge for 8 hours. His trek was sponsored by several friends and neighbors and he raised at least $380.00 to contribute to the local chapter of the NCAAP.

“I was wanting to do something to help raise awareness, and I decided that driving over the MLK bridge was the solution. It doesn’t have a lot of traffic so I was able to drive it several hundred times,” said Hugefston. According to his support team, Hugefston took one ten minute break each hour to reduce the spinning effects of circling the route.

“After hour two, he was really dizzy. I was just hoping that more traffic would come so he’d be forced to drive slower and have more recovery time. But, most people were off work today making the bridge an easy driving thoroughfare,” said his coach Ralph Firnum. Unbeknownst to Hugefston, his team was secretly working with the Guinness World Records to validate his feat.

The current record for traversing a MLK bridge in any city on MLK day is listed as exactly twice by hundreds of thousands of people as they made their daily commute. “Apparently nobody has ever considered driving a MLK bridge for 8 hours. If the results we receive are accurate Norm will have himself a record,” stated an official from the Guinness World Records.

“I just want to do something to raise awareness,” said Hugefston, “and I’m a pretty good bridge driver.”

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  1. Dave says:

    I guess it should be called the MLK Bridge awareness day. I didn’t know we had a bridge named after Marting Luther King, Jr.