Muslims Build Buddhist Statue in Ozarks

They Buddha watch what they put in my yard

Springfield, MO – According to members of the Bible Belt, Muslims have infiltrated God’s country and constructed a 12-ton Buddha statue in Northwest Springfield. “The insult is only compounded by the inability to differentiate Abrahamic religions from other religions,” said one source close to the Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple, “we study Buddhism not Islam”.

“Oh yeah I dun seen them Muslim’s a-buildin’ their boodist stachue and I think it is offensive to the consitooshun,” said Harold McGribbers. When it was pointed out to McGribbers that the First Amendment to the American Constitution provided for no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof he simply stated, “that’s what I’m talkin’ ‘bout. ‘Murica!”

Supports of the new temple say that they have heard encouraging yet off-base comments such as, “I’m glad you are allowed to put up a false-god statue,” “I think water coming out of the nose would make a great fountain”, and “that woman sure has big hair”.

Said one local neighbor, “I don’t like it. It just isn’t very Christian of them to put up a statue like that.” Others in the community claim that it is another example of how far we’ve come since the Union of Utrecht, the Transylvanian Diet of Torda and the Peace of Augsburg.

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