Michelle to Record ‘Lady Obama’ on SGF Visit

M’bama warms up before taking the mic

Springfield, MO – First Lady Michelle Obama will take time today to record her healthy version of a Beatles song, “Lady Obama” at famed Springfield recording house, The Studio. She will sing back up on the track and play the Hammond organ. Special leaked lyrics were provided and will be sung by lead vocalist Kristi MarraDeath. Here’s a look: Lady Obama! Obesity at your feet, wondering what to give these kids to eat. Who fights the fatties, when their meal is spent, Did you think ‘Mericans know what “healthy” meant? Monday child arrives with a fruitcake Tuesday morning French Fries on a bun Wednesday’s child has high-fructose corn syrup See how they munch! The Studio is renowned for their production abilities and was hand selected by the United States Marine Band. “As this is the first recording of a current First Lady, we wanted to ensure that the venue met and exceeded our standards and requirements,” said Marine Band Sargent Mills Maloney, “Michelle Obama secured the recording rights to the Beatles tune many years ago during a late night poker game that included Michael Jackson, George Clooney and Meryl Streep. We’re all looking forward to the track and the ensuing help it will bring to the children of America.”

“Lady Obama” expects to become the equivilent of the 80′s hit song, “We Are the World”.

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