Decay Billboard Sends Powerful Message

Artful design reaches mass commuters

Springfield, MO – A natural force known only as “decay” has reserved space on a right side north bound view billboard on Kansas Expressway. The purpose: to send a message that rot, corrosion and deterioration are constantly engaging in a war against humanity and we should always be prepared for decay no matter how subtle it might be perceived.

“I saw the sign and got the message. Started to work out again. I know that I’ve let myself go and seeing that billboard message gave me the inspiration I need. Usually advertising doesn’t influence me, but this was a profound experience,” said Norm Baldertwine who was commuting to work in Nixa.

Other drivers encountered the billboard with similar feelings. Phrases such as “I was reminded to repair my lawnmower,” “Time to update my resume,” “Guess I should fix the shed in my backyard,” and “Quitting the smokes today” were all heard by observers of the “decay board”.

Quite brilliantly, the billboard space features torn material flapping in the wind, soiled paper shreds, and pock marks…along with water, wind and weather damage. A billboard representative said they do not know the designer who supplied the art, but did receive a check to cover the rental through month’s end.

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