Hobos Purchase Heer’s at Auction to Create Heer’s Hobo House

Heer’s to be equipped with Hobo Ferris wheel, bus and towers

Springfield, MO – The iconic Heer’s building was sold at auction this week on the court house steps to a large group of hobos who are intending to turn the property into a high-profile hobo camp: Heer’s Hobo House.

“Hobos are increasing in popularity, the fantastic lore, their travels and stories of adventure will finally have a stable place to call home,” said T-Bone Phillips a local hobo who has travelled America as a migrant worker, “I think the Hobo House will be another fine addition to the square, and aligns with the goals of historical preservation of our culture in the same way as the new History Museum.”

Hobo House construction is planned to begin immediately with a goal to finish before the cold becomes too bitter to bear. “I wrote a song ‘Moose Turd Icecicle’ about the time I spent working the oil pipes in Alaska,”  said famous hobo Utah Slim, “and I know the dangers that freezing temperatures impose on a man. I’m happy to see a proper structure where my kind can kick up their feet and share the company of like-minded folk.”

Plans call for communal-style living spaces on the top floors, a hobo jungle, a reflection room and a café on the bottom floor open to the public who will be able to order hobo stew from the menu. “This is awesome – and the best idea ever,” said Thad Yarlbrow, “I just learned that we can actually purchase tickets to play in the Hobo House, but mom says I have to get a tetanus shot first.”

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  1. Joltin says:

    I’m guessing the bottom floor will have a public restroom which will be very popular during October Fest.

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