Downscale Housing Development Announced

New and unusual housing available soon

New and unusual housing available soon

Springfield, MO – Not to be outdone by exclusive, upscale residential developments cropping up on the outskirts of Springfield, a local developer has broken ground on a new, but not-so-country-club-atmosphere neighborhood.

The Gulleys at Ferrell Hog has entered its first phase of development now that real estate speculator, Bub Coy, has finalized purchase of the land selected for the community.

Coy spoke to Fair City News regarding some details, as well as his personal philosophy on the American Dream, home ownership.

“Out east of town they got them a fancy, chick set up they call The Lakes at Wild Horse. The lots sold like ponchos in a hurricane! Didn’t look so special to me. Just a few fishing holes tryin’ to pass as lakes, and some plastic horse statues rearin’ up, and whatnot, at the entrance streets.” snickered Coy.

“Well that’s just dandy for folks who can ‘fford the mortgage on the Tadge Majaal, but I figured there was a need for a West Springfield address with a down-home kinda status. That’s when I come up with the twist on the name. Something regular folks could relate to, and be proud to call home, without all the pretense and such. You ever hunt Ferrell hogs? It’s a damned good time!,”Coy piped,  “Meat’s good, too.”

The development will be built on a fifty acre piece of land adjacent to the runway at Springfield Branson Regional Airport. When asked about the proximity of peoples’ homes to jetliners taking off and landing, Coy commented,

“I got a heck-of-a-deal on this piece of ground, and I can pass that savin’s along to the buyers.  Heck, I used to live in a van ’bout forty feet off an eight-lane freeway. After a while you don’t hardly hear the noise no more.”

The Gulleys at Ferrell Hog will have sewer and electric for up to two-hundred single wide mobile homes, with room for an additional fifty prefabricated modular homes. Coy is working with Greene County officials on a permit to include a shooting range aimed in the opposite direction of the airport.

“I wanted to offer an address with a little class and ‘ccoutrements for ordinary folks.  Got nice, deep gulleys pretty much surrounding the land. Look like purdy little streams when it rains. When it comes down good and hard the water should wash away any trash and unwanted items that residents might of tossed in them. So it’s all good!”

Coy plans to have a few models open for presale in early spring while construction continues.

“Meantime I need to get a holt of whoever threw up Wild Horse. See where I can get me a couple, three, plastic wild hog statues for my entrance street. Maybe set them up like they’s scrappin’ over a cornered raccoon. I think folks would like to see that comin’ and goin’. Impress visitors, too.

I’m offerin’ status at an affordable price, that’s a fact. And I’ll swear on a stack of Bibles, there ain’t a bit of truth to the rumor that the site sits on a former landfill.”

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