Yakov Billboard Explodes

Branson, MO—A prominent billboard featuring famous Russian comedian Yakov Smirnoff exploded last night sending debris across both north and southbound lanes of US highway 65.

For years the billboard positioned a smiling image of Smirnoff wearing a muskrat full fur Russian hat while holding a stick of dynamite with a lit fuse that proclaimed “danger explosive laughter!”

“Considering the eminent public threat, we maybe should have reconsidered the billboard permit allowing the use of explosives with a particular advertising message,” said Jimmie Russell, Taney County Sheriff, “I’m sure there’s a lesson to be learned here…somewhere,” he continued.

Ruble Hodge was driving to work and witnessed the explosion. “The fuse started flinging around in a circle as it burnt off and shrunk real quick and I was like ‘what a billboard’,” said Hodge.

Approximately 120 tons of explosives ripped through the billboard shredding it instantly and causing a major disruption along the highway. One witness reported the explosion echoed across the valley with a mighty “eh-eh-eh!”

When approached for comment Smirnoff said, “In mother Russia billboards make an impact, in Branson, MO billboards impact you!” Reportedly, Sheriff Russell ticked Smirnoff for littering, while laughing his yak-off.

Smirnoff plans to replace the destroyed advertisement with a new campaign featuring him wearing a yellow biohazard suit holding 200 pounds of raw uranium while proclaiming “nuclear powered laughter!”

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