Duracell Charges to Pension Rescue

Donated batteries to recharge failing pension fund

Donated batteries to recharge failing pension fund

Springfield, MO— Battery company Duracell calls Springfield one of the cities most likely to experience power outages in the nation. The company promises to provide battery power to Springfield and four other cities during a promotional campaign.

From the press release, “With an average of 27 severe-threshold thunderstorms annually, Springfield has one of the highest rates of power outage potential in the nation.”

Research shows that thunderstorms and tornadoes pose one of the greatest weather threats to power outages, therefore, Duracell has launched its ‘More Power To Protect’ program, pledging to donate more than 10 million hours of battery power to locations most likely to experience power outages.

Donations will be available through Nov. 15, 2009, and supplied via Duracell’s newest products, including the Duracell Daylite LED flashlights and Duracell Instant Chargers for mobile phones. The hours of power donations will go to fire departments in the five cities, including New York, Chicago, Knoxville, Tenn, Springfield, Mo, and Wichita, Kansas. Springfield firefighters and police plan to distribute them locally at a premium to help to fix the pension fund for police officers and firefighters.

Said one observer, “isn’t a donation something that is given, not resold for a profit to increase a pension fund?” That man was immediately doused with water from a nearby fire hydrant to keep his mouth shut.

Click here to continue the battery donations for resale in our community.

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